The Who, What and Why of ProfitPATH®

Driving Growth from Strategy to Execution

ProfitPATH® is an experienced consulting practice specializing in increasing business value for successful owner-managed companies. Since 2002, we’ve put companies on the PATH to Profitability™enabling companies/divisions to assign prioritized, measurable actions that drive increased profits and business value; followed up with regular, structured reviews to hold them accountable for results.

Clients consistently say we deliver a thought provoking process that will challenge and stretch you to think in new ways.

Who can we help the most?

You run a successful Company or Division and want to grow revenue and profits, and increase the value of your business.

What can we do for you?Graph-Who-What-Why

The Path to Profitability™ will put you on the path to increased profits. Use the:

  1. Route Check to pinpoint what you have to do to get growth going.
  2. Find Your Path process to focus on where your company/division can be in 3-5 years and the right strategies to get there.

Support you on your journey using 2 unique tools. Use:

  1. Focus on Results to link your Path to results – establish what has to be done each fiscal year; set priorities; allocate resources; determine accountability.
  2. Steps on the Path and we’ll take care of the critical projects for which you don’t have the resources or the knowledge in-house.

Make sure you reach your destination. Our Stay on the Path monitoring process and quarterly review meetings provide the discipline to turn your intentions and desires into results.

When you are ready, our three Exit and Succession planning tools ensure you choose the right buyer or family member; the transition is smooth; and growth continues.

Why should you deal with us?

  1. We have over 14 years’ experience helping clients start, or restart, growth.
  2. We have practical experience turning plans, desires and intentions into results.
  3. We stay with you until you get the results you want.
  4. You are in control of the engagement at all times.

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