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Your Excuses Are Your Own

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Startup Expert, Roger Pierce, produces articles, videos and blogs to help companies engage business owners. He’s worked with Scotiabank, Visa, Staples, Bell, HP, FedEx, Cisco and Microsoft. Roger is the co-author of the book, Thriving Solo: How to Grow a Successful Business, and writes startup columns for The Toronto Sun, 24Hrs and Profit Magazine.


It’s a harsh statement, I know.

It’s easier to blame. We blame other people. We blame the economy. We blame customers. We blame time. We blame our situation. We blame money. We blame the boss. We blame the system. We blame the weather. We may even blame a higher power.

Being accountable for your own success will make you successful. It’s as simple as that.

I read a lot of business books written by very intelligent and very accomplished businesspeople. Regardless of the author or the subject, one common theme emerges: Your excuses are your own.

Greatness in any form doesn’t come easily. It requires sacrifice, discipline, passion, commitment and perseverance against overwhelming odds. History is rich with examples of achievers who reached their goals despite possible excuses.

Over the years I’ve heard different excuses from struggling entrepreneurs:

“I don’t have the money to build my business.” Go find it.
“I’m too sick to work.” Hire others to work for you.
“I don’t have the time.” Make better use of the time you do have.
“I’m not sure what to do.” Work with people smarter than you.

Once we take full responsibility for whatever we aim to achieve – it could be starting a business, launching a new career, finishing school, finding our soul mate, raising a child – the excuses magically disappear. In fact, our former excuses may become a source of motivation.

Your excuses are your own. So don’t make any. Just get going.

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