4 Things That (Positively) Affect Growth

We’ve worked with well over 100 business owners – and their management teams – during the last 12 years. And we talked, often in depth, to hundreds of others.4 things that have a positive affect on growth

Their companies ranged in size from less than $1 million to over $300 million in revenues. They were in a variety of industries, from manufacturing to software development.

They were all at different stages in their lives. For example, in some, growth had stalled; others were growing so quickly that they couldn’t keep up; and some knew that what had got them to where they were, wouldn’t get them to where they wanted to be.

The owners had different reasons for talking to us. Some had tried things that hadn’t worked, for example, new marketing campaigns or hiring new sales people. Others thought our process was more likely to get them results than those of our competitors.

Back in the Fall of last year, for reasons which escape me now, I found myself thinking about the ones we had worked with, picturing each one of them.

I began to sort them into groups. Who did I really enjoy working with? Who – now that we had the gift of hindsight – achieved the results they wanted?

And what was it that we had done for them? In one way or another, we did some, or all, of the same 4 things for those companies. We made sure they:

  1. Knew where they were going.
  2. Identified what they had to do to get there.
  3. Involved people – employees, management – in figuring out the first two.
  4. Held people accountable for completing the first two.

Was their success solely attributable to these 4 things?

My thought process hardly sets the standard for a rigorous piece of quantative analysis. On the other hand, a search of what I consider to be the better theories on execution mentions some, or all, of the 4 things as being contributors to success.

I felt good enough about it to begin building a tool that we could use during our initial meetings with prospects to figure out if we could help them. I’ll tell you more about it next time.

Because then another thought, which I’ll also talk more about next time, struck me…………..


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Jim Stewart is the founding Partner at ProfitPATH. He has been working with business owners for over 16 years to increase profits and improve the value of their companies. LinkedIn


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