Here’s what some of our clients have to say about us ……..


“Jim is very perceptive and I’m impressed by what he’s teased out of our answers to your questions on ProfitPATH’s Route Check Risk Assessment. You really nailed it and pinpointed the 2 areas that I knew needed effort and that we’ve begun putting effort into.” Jim Gragtmans, Principal, ET Group


“WaterTAP hired ProfitPATH to help plan and facilitate our 2014 Board Retreat.  With the addition of four new Board members, we wanted to make sure that we tapped into the collective wisdom of the group.  Ultimately our goals for the Retreat were to:
• Solicit input from the Board as we head into a new funding cycle, and
• Leverage the knowledge, experience and network of each Board member to develop a list of specific actions to be taken.
We collaborated with Jim to arrive at a process to achieve those objectives.
He then successfully led the process during the Board Retreat, keeping our group of strong-minded individuals focused on the issues; challenging our assumptions and helping bring out new ideas – while keeping us on pace and on time.
I am pleased with the results and have no hesitation recommending Jim to any company or organization looking for a skillful, experienced facilitator.” Brian Mergelas, Chief Executive Officer, WaterTAP


“Jim originally worked with me as a business consultant and was key in getting my first entrepreneurial venture off the ground. His years of experience, mind for strategy and knowledge of marketing and budgeting were critical in the success of my business, and he was absolutely a pleasure to work with.
But Jim’s skills go way beyond that, especially when it comes to public speaking. As editor of the Toronto Star’s Star Business Club, I had Jim out to speak at several of our networking events, and my team agreed without any hesitation that he was the most dynamic, engaging and informative speaker we had.
Jim not only knows his stuff, he delights in sharing his knowledge (and isn’t afraid to step out from behind a podium and really interact with an audience), and has the rare ability to make complicated subjects not only easy, but fun, to learn.
I really, truly, can’t recommend Jim enough as both a consultant and a speaker.”  Tom Henheffer, Executive Director, Canadian Journalists for Free Expression


“Jim quickly came up to speed on our needs and provided excellent facilitation services across a diversified participant group. With his assistance, we were able to achieve our desired outcomes and received strong direction for subsequent implementation activities.” Chris Kallio, Economic Development Officer, Corporation of the Town of Newmarket



“They say that people fear public speaking more than death – indeed, it is a skill that many struggle with, and few have mastered. Jim Stewart is one of the few. As a strategy consultant with ProfitPATH, Jim has a wealth of experience working with entrepreneurs and business owners, and he has the rare ability to communicate that experience with passion and credibility. If you are looking for a speaker on any number of business enhancement topics, I highly recommend Jim as a talented facilitator who is able to deliver a message clearly, effectively and with enthusiasm. The Scottish accent is an added bonus!”  Aimee Lavallee, Senior Marketing Manager, Richter LLP


“We had an idea for a new revenue stream but were uncertain how to move forward. Jim understood the not-for-profit context and was able to develop a strategy that met our twin objectives of increasing revenues and maintaining good working relationships with our partners. Jim shaped the idea into a sustainable five-year business plan complete with research, analysis, recommended strategies, and income projections. I look forward to the next opportunity to work again with Jim and ProfitPATH.”  Lucy White, Executive Director, Professional Association of Canadian Theatres


“I initially hired Jim mid-year to help me fine tune my strategic business plan based on the long term vision that I have for Caring for Clients.  The process was enjoyable and thought provoking.   Jim helped me see how short and mid term goal setting would ultimately lead to long term goal achievement.  After our initial work together, I had a tangible 90-day action plan.   Jim and I now have quarterly meetings to review progress, and re-prioritize the next 90 days.   With Jim’s support, I feel more connected to my business, I can celebrate accomplishments with my staff, and focus on the things that really make a difference.” Interestingly, I have begun adjusting my long term goals with this new knowledge and these goals resonate more with me personally as well as professionally.  I look forward to our quarterly meetings and to having Jim on “my team” for years to come.”  Rona Birenbaum, Founder and Financial Planner, Caring for Clients


“There have been some dramatic changes in printing.  Digital, internet and other technologies have changed what printers can do for customers and how they do it. Harmony has always been a leader in the industry. We invested early in hardware, software and employee training to be in a position to offer multi-channel communication services to customers. In mid-2012 we realized that we had too few resources in-house to develop and execute a marketing strategy to leverage those investments. We considered proposals from 2 or 3 consultants before deciding on ProfitPATH.
Over a period of 5 months Jim Stewart worked with us to conduct internal and external research; look for gaps in our marketing and sales efforts; and develop and execute action plans to close the gaps.
I was his primary contact but his work required interaction with many other members of our team and one of our major suppliers.
Jim took ownership of the project and was well organized and prepared for meetings. He always met his commitments and delivered work on time. Things did not always go according to plan, however he always had alternatives ready. He made regular presentations to our Executive team, updating them on progress.
Toward the end of the assignment he developed a comprehensive marketing plan for 2013, leaving us with a detailed, month-by-month program for the year.
We were very satisfied with the quality of Jim’s work and I would recommend him without hesitation.”  Ruby Thomas, Vice President, Operations, Harmony Printing


Jim has it  right. Plan and you will succeed. If you focus on profits and growth and follow a plan or “path” you will get results.
Our firm started using Jim’s services in April 2013 and it is working for us.
He has boundless energy and enthusiasm, keen business knowledge and excellent facilitation skills. He can say things to participants in a planning meeting in a professional manner that owners or principals often have difficulty expressing.
I have no hesitation in recommending Jim to help develop a business strategy along with the actions required to achieve it. He is also there in the aftermath of the planning meetings to coach you through the ups and downs of implementing the plan. I have certainly benefitted from that immensely.
”  Eric Walker, Partner, CW Group


“We recently held a two day Strategy Retreat, attended by our owners and key members of the Fluid Technologies Division and we engaged ProfitPATH to design and facilitate the Retreat for us. Working with Jim Stewart and Sara Lear turned out to be an excellent experience and we met all of our objectives. We left the Retreat with a number of specific, measurable, time related Action Plans which we are all committed to completing, because we know they are essential to the achievement our growth goals. Our success can, I think, be attributed to 3 things.

1. Jim invested the time to make sure that he clearly understood my expectations and those of the owners.
2. ProfitPATH’s process is thorough but yet flexible. Jim and Sara allowed more time for discussion when a topic required it, yet still completed the process by the end of the second day. That meant they continued to work during coffee and lunch breaks and in the evening of the first day.
3. They broke us into sub-groups for many activities, bringing the whole group back together to share input and reach agreement.  But they changed the membership of the sub-groups each time, allowing everyone to provide input while listening to a variety of points of view.

Not only did we meet our goals, we had fun doing it. Sara and Jim kept the atmosphere light and made us laugh with their brainteasers and video clips. We had a very productive, rewarding Retreat and I would recommend ProfitPATH to any company for their strategy or business planning meetings.”  Jeff Russell, General Manager, Howard Marten Fluid Technologies Inc.


“I’ve owned Maypole Dairy Products for 23 years and our industry has undergone a lot of change during that time. We’ve been successful despite those changes because I pursued a number of strategies that had worked well up to this point. Last year I was thinking about what the next few years might hold for the company and for me personally. I decided that getting input from someone with a fresh set of eyes would be helpful. A business contact recommended ProfitPATH and we hired Jim Stewart. Using a process he’d clearly used before, Jim and I considered the pros and cons of several different strategies for the next 3 years and identified the opportunities and threats related to each. We evaluated the attractiveness of the opportunities and the probability we could be successful. We considered the odds of the threats becoming realities and their impact on the company if they did. All of this took place in the context of my expectations for the company and what I, and my team, would have to do to achieve them. Jim also showed us tools that we could use by ourselves to complete further analysis before I made any final decisions.  His flexible approach kept our costs for ProfitPATH’s services well within my budget. I haven’t worked with many consultants and so had the usual biases. Jim understood that and left me feeling in control of the situation. He was knowledgeable, thorough and focused on what was best for my company and for me. We’ll hire ProfitPATH again and I’d recommend Jim to anyone looking for the type of support he provided us.”  Blair Sinclair, President, Maypole Dairy Products


“Thank you for your guidance and leadership helping my family business successfully navigate the succession process. Prior to hiring ProfitPATH, we felt we could do it alone. But tight deadlines, competing priorities, and the day-to-day hustle of small business were hampering our progress. ProfitPATH provided us great tools that kept us all focused and on topic. In addition, Jim Stewart met with us one-on-one to understand our personal needs, and worked to bring us all to the table to have meaningful conversations. The ProfitPATH process is very effective. At the end of 2012 we completed the plans we developed with ProfitPATH, and are excited about the outcomes and our future.”  Jeremy Miller, President, Sticky Branding Inc.


“We employed ProfitPATH to be a Partner on the completion of the narrative section of RFPs for a number of successful multi-year tenders. Jim and Sara advised us on how to position our input to respond to the requirements of the RFPs and drafted large portions of the narrative for us. In addition, they made themselves extremely accessible and available, working long hours, often on weekends, to meet the tight schedule and firm deadlines. I would definitely recommend ProfitPATH to anyone who wants good, objective advice and a flexible, responsive partner who consistently meets their deadlines.”  Darvin Puhl, President, Rondar


“When I decided to convene an Advisory Board for my business, I knew that I wanted an external facilitator for our meetings. I wanted to be able to participate fully in the meetings and to be able to focus on the discussion without having to also manage and gauge the members’ participation. I considered several candidates for this role and decided to engage you and ProfitPath. I knew that you would do a great job keeping us on track, ensuring everyone contributed and that our goals for each meeting would be met. If this was all that you provided I would have been completely satisfied. However, to my delight you have delivered much more than facilitation. The Advisory Board is a group of academics, government officials, entrepreneurs and multi-national business leaders. I had never convened a group like this before and they had never met each other. Your guidance on how to structure the agenda, your attention to key dynamics during the meeting and your recommendations for future meetings have proven invaluable. Notwithstanding all of the qualities and results mentioned above, what I appreciate most about your facilitation skills is your steadfast focus on what will benefit me most as the business owner. You have provided guidance based on deep experience that ensures the Advisory Board supports me in my business and remains at the strategic level, rather than delving into operational details that are better left to me and my staff to execute. Thank you for being such a fantastic business partner. I will confidently recommend your services to any business owner who needs a facilitator for meetings that are critical to the future of their business.”  Lisa Taylor, President, Challenge Factory Inc.


“I worked with Jim Stewart while he completed a project to document our high-level requirements for a CRM system. We hired ProfitPATH because, although we actually had all of the information and resources needed to complete the task, we couldn’t meet the deadline because of our other work and projects. Jim has the knowledge and experience required to figure out how we could leverage a CRM system to meet the business goals in our strategy. He started by comparing our current distribution channels with those contained in the strategy. Jim looked for any shortcomings in data currently being collected and identified additional data to be collected as a result of changes in our channels. He then worked out the information the CRM system had to produce in order for our executives and managers to measure the performance of the distribution channels. Next, Jim looked at how it could feed data to the portal we were developing for agents, MGA’s and members. Finally, he developed a strategy to drive the adoption and use of the CRM system. Jim took control and managed the project for us. I’d happily recommend ProfitPATH to any company that needs a project completed but doesn’t have the internal resources available to get it done.”   Robert F. Baboth, Vice President, Foresters Canada


“Once Sam and I decided he would join Complex2Clear, we wanted to ensure family dynamics and business requirements didn’t collide. So we invited Jim Stewart to guide us. Jim helped us develop a process that fit our circumstances and then provided coaching and counsel as it unfolded. Both Sam and I have benefitted greatly from Jim’s help.  It’s now been more than a year since Jim began working with us on a succession plan for Complex2Clear. I don’t know how these engagements typically work, but I’d not be surprised to learn we’ve tried his patience more than most. Today, Sam and I are aligned on where we want to go, we’re each responsible for hard deliverables—and most important—we’re still talking to each other. All three accomplishments owe much to Jim’s persistence and expertise. Jim has delivered sound advice, provided wise counsel and been great company, and we look forward to keeping Jim involved as a trusted advisor to Complex2Clear. I recommend Jim without hesitation whenever I run across someone who would benefit from the advice of a “canny Scotsman” in turning strategies into action.  Paul Heron, President, Complex2Clear


“Pariscribe markets a suite of practice and workflow management solutions for specialty and primary health care clinics. Jim Stewart gave us a framework for the narrative part of the Plan and constantly challenged us to think about the logic, facts and assumptions behind every statement we made. He also showed us how to build an integrated financial model in which any change in a revenue driver or an expense category automatically adjusted our income statement and cash flow forecasts. The Manager, Major Accounts at one of the major Canadian Banks told us it was one of the best Business Plans he had seen and asked to use it as a model. Jim is very knowledgeable, easy to work with and has maintained an interest in our Company. I’d recommend him to any business owner looking to grow their Company. Jim knows what he’s talking about and is well connected.” Manny Abraham, President, Pariscribe


“We were impressed from the initial meeting. You helped us understand what we needed to do and what we should expect to achieve. Your facilitation skills contributed significantly to our SWOT analysis. We were able to accomplish so much because you ensured that we remained focused, yet at ease enough to discuss the issues openly. We highly recommend your company.” Richard Feldmann, General Manager, Sutherland-Schultz


“I learned more in an hour spent with you than in days spent with lots of other consultants” Marie Wiese, Founder, Marketing CoPilot


“We hired ProfitPATH to assist us on 2 fronts: first to help us develop a succession plan; and second to implement the strategic planning process to launch a new business. Prior to hiring ProfitPATH, we felt we could do it alone. But with tight deadlines, competing priorities, and the day-to-day hustle of small business were hampering our progress. Jim Stewart has provided us great tools for problem solving, and consensus development that keep us all focused and on topic. Jim leads our annual offsite strategic planning sessions, and meets with us quarterly to support the implementation of our plans. These meetings are invaluable as Jim helps us recognize how much we have accomplished, teaches us new planning and budgeting tools, and helps us strategize next steps.” Marcus Miller, President, LEAPJob


“We engaged ProfitPATH to help develop our growth strategy and the two-day off-site was exactly what the doctor ordered! Jim brought structure and fresh thinking to the discussions, which allowed our management team to make rapid progress on some important and challenging topics. The thought-provoking exercises that ProfitPATH used were effective and sometimes even entertaining. We accomplished in 2 days what would have otherwise taken us weeks or more and we left the meetings with a clear strategy for moving our business forward.” Darin Portnoff, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, SpendMap


“ProfitPATH’s two half-day off-sites helped me build on the strategy I had already developed and identify and prioritize the action steps I had to take to execute it. We found them to be thought provoking, very helpful and great value for money. I would recommend them to anyone getting ready to grow to the next level.” Janice Leroux, Owner, HR Performance & Results Inc.


“We hired ProfitPATH to help us to decide whether to develop a new product for a new market. They gathered an impressive amount of detailed data on the market and the strategies of our potential competitors. As a result, they helped us understand the returns which were available and the risks we would face. They also pointed out a couple of opportunities which were not apparent. I was very satisfied with their work and would recommend them to any business owner facing similar challenges.” Richard Seaker, Director, Client Solutions, gevcinteractive/GEVC Inc.


Jebco logo“During the course of updating our Business Plan we required input and advice. ProfitPATH was recommend by a business associate. Jim quickly understood the dynamics of our business and helped assist us to make our points clear and concise. We found ProfitPATH responsive to our needs and willing to work to our schedule. I’d recommend ProfitPATH and will draw on Jim’s extensive knowledge again if necessary.” Karen Dmyterko, Jebco Industries Inc.


“ProfitPATH’s half day strategy offsite helped me clarify where I was going and how to get there. They have responded quickly when I’ve asked for ongoing support and they’ve never hesitated to suggest other service providers who they think have expertise in areas that they don’t. ProfitPATH provide good value and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.” Mark Marmer, Owner, Signature Electric


“The first time we used ProfitPATH was when we needed some help with one or two specific issues related to our growth. We were pleased with the results so we then used their 2 day offsite – which they customized for us – to review our strategy and put together action plans to implement it. The process challenged and stretched us, made us think in new ways and taught us a few tricks. The subsequent support has been very useful and we’d recommend ProfitPATH to anyone looking to grow their company.” Greg Patrick, President, Redrick Technologies Inc.


“Working with you has been a growth experience for me. My only regret is that I didn’t start working with ProfitPATH a couple of years earlier. As an entrepreneur, I occasionally run into situations where I am uncertain about what is the right ‘business management’ thing to do. ProfitPATH’s observations and counsel have been a significant factor in helping me deal with a number of serious issues of this sort.” Sandy Edwards, Partner, Ellis Associates Inc.


“The quality of work is exemplary, on budget, on time, with constant communication. ProfitPATH’s help has always been both professional and innovative. I am most appreciative of their sincere interest in both our company’s success and my own personal success. We have found it a privilege and a pleasure to have worked with Jim for more than 10 years.” Rick Henry, President/Owner, Microcel Corporation


“We needed to develop a strategy statement for the Division, which is made up of 4 distinct business groups. The strategy had to support the corporate Vision and business goals. Jim worked with me to develop a process for a 2 day offsite and to prepare and distribute pre-work to the team. He was organized, well prepared, and used humour and quick thinking to challenge us continuously. He incorporated a great mix of formats to increase participation, maintain our energy level and keep us focused. He was very flexible and didn’t hesitate to adjust the schedule to match our progress. Thanks to his excellent facilitation skills, we had a great meeting and met all of our objectives.” Hazel Wheldon, Publisher, MHS Inc.


“I’ve recently been making some important decisions for the future of my business and Jim’s advice and input have been very useful. He has a lot of general business knowledge but is also aware that there areas where other people know more than he does and he’s been willing and able to introduce me to them. Jim gives great value for money and I’d highly recommend him to anyone who is trying to grow their business.” Tom Loughran, Owner, Comfort Connections


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