What Makes Us Different

Growth strategies for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Since 2002 we have been putting clients on the path to increased profits, supporting them on their journey and making sure they reach their destination.

  • You are in control of the engagement at all times. We:Proof Statements Revised 3
    • Ensure we are the best resource to get the job done. Otherwise we will recommend using your own internal resources or refer you to someone we trust with the required expertise.
    • Ensure we understand your requirements and meet your expectations.
    • Provide realistic, practical solutions that can be implemented and are cost-effective.
    • Will only take on the work if we can meet your time-lines and budget.
  • Adapt and use tools and processes that are proven to deliver results.
  • Design our services so we remain involved while you implement – we want the results you expect achieve.
  • Link our compensation to the results of our work.
  • Always offer references from clients of a similar size and industry, wherever possible.
  • Submit proposals which are clear and reflect the discussions already held with you.
  • Celebrate your achievements with you because our purpose is to help you be successful.

ProfitPATH drives growth from strategy to execution

Take the first step on your profit path – contact us at jimstewart@profitpath.com or 416-258-9610 to arrange a meeting.

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