Stay on the PATH™

Your team leaves a planning session/meeting highly motivated, with great Action Plans and even better intentions. Once back in the thick of things, dealing with the day-to-day, completing the Action Plans priorities becomes a challenge. So, things that are important get brushed aside by things that are “urgent” and it becomes easy to blame a lack of results on immediate operational issues.

Stay on the PATH™…  maintain focus on the path to achieving success.

chart-f-who-what-why-step-4Here’s a sample of one of our Client’s actual results:

  • Distributor of consumer goods increased revenues by over 50% in one year

Many companies, particularly those with small management teams, who are fully stretched operationally, hire us to hold them accountable. This is best accomplished by integrating our follow-up with existing management reporting systems at your company.

In addition to staying in touch on a regular basis, we facilitate a structured, half-day meeting, once a quarter. The ‘norm’ is for us to hold 3 of those meetings by which time the management team will have developed the discipline to do it by themselves.Stay on the Path Caring for Clients Testimonial

Stay on the Path CW Group TestimonialTake the first step on your profit path – contact us at or 416-258-9610 to arrange a no-cost 30 minute call.

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