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Hurray For Entrepreneurs

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

This week’s guest, Startup Expert, Roger Pierce, produces articles, videos and blogs to help companies engage business owners. He’s worked with Scotiabank, Visa, Staples, Bell, HP, FedEx, Cisco and Microsoft. Roger is the co-author of the book, Thriving Solo: How to Grow a Successful Business, and writes startup columns for The Toronto Sun, 24Hrs and Profit Magazine.

Any year is a great year to be a business owner, but last year the Government of Canada and most of the provinces officially declared 2011 as “The Year of the Entrepreneur.” In fact, throughout October, entrepreneurs were celebrated across the country as part of Small Business Month.

If you’re running a small business, or plan to start one, you deserve the applause: Here’s why:

Employ the most people 

According to Industry Canada, 48.3 percent of Canada’s workers are employed by small businesses. That’s over 5 Million people. We collectively employ more Canadians than any one company or government. 

Take big risks 

It’s not easy being an entrepreneur. We work long hours. We don’t get a steady paycheque. It takes several years for a new business to stabilize. Our personal relationships suffer, because our attention (and our money!) is held by the business. We risk our finances, our reputations and our energies without any guarantee of success; in fact, half of all Canadian startups fail within five years.

Sell to the world

It’s not big companies that open international markets, but small ones. Industry Canada says 86 percent of Canadian exporters were small businesses in 2009, accounting for $68 Billion in exports. In that same year, 28 percent of Canada’s GDP was generated by businesses with less than 50 employees.

Change the world

It’s entrepreneurs who make our lives better. From Gutenburg’s printing press to Steve Jobs’s revolutionary electronic devices, entrepreneurs challenge the status quo and dare to be different. We all win when an entrepreneur succeeds.

If you’re one of Canada’s 2.7 Million entrepreneurs, please know you hold the respect of a nation. Stop for a moment, take your bow…and then get back to work.

You can contact Roger at 416-302-5251 or


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