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5 Timeless Hiring Tips for Business Owners

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

People are key to the success of a strategy and, therefore, a company.5 timeless hiring tips

That’s not news. It’s the very opposite.

Articles about people management regularly appear in the press and there are blog posts published daily about the impact of culture and leadership on success.

Yet some business owners still deal poorly with the people part of strategy. And it often starts with how they hire.

So, here are 5 of my favourite tips (that also aren’t new) for hiring.

1.  Be Clear About The Role. Make a list of the things the role contributes to the execution of the strategy. That will determine the skills and experience required by applicants and make the responsibilities of the position very clear.

2.  Always be Hiring. Think about everyone you meet as a potential hire, particularly those you think would be great to work with. Keep their names in a database. Build a relationship with them in case you do ever decide to offer them a job – and reduce the risk of making a bad hire. Drop those who don’t measure up.

3.  Don’t Settle For the Best of the Bunch. I mentioned skill and knowledge earlier. But you also want people whose attitude and values fit with your culture. And that combination doesn’t pop up every day. That database of potential hires can help you avoid having to settle for the best of the candidates who happen to be available. So can patience and a willingness (and ability) to wait.

4.  Consider a “Test Drive”. Hiring people you’ve worked with previously is similar to test driving a car before buying it. So is hiring someone on a short-term contract, or taking them on as a sub-contractor, to complete a project. All 3 provide an opportunity to get to know their values and attitude. That’s better than hiring someone who looks good on paper – we know that more people are “massaging” their resumes than ever before.

5.  Onboard, Onboard, Onboard. Many companies consider the hiring complete when their offer is accepted. That is just plain wrong.  An onboarding program ensures a great first impression; it allays the stress a person experiences when dealing with new processes, fresh expectations and people they don’t know; and it reduces the time it takes new employees to become productive.

You can find a more tips here.

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