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Our top 10 blog posts in 2013 were:

1.   6 Challenges Fast Growing Companies Face, which won by a good margin, discusses the 6 challenges of execution which, if not dealt with, could prove fatal.

2.   10 Tips To Improve Your Public Speaking Body Language, written by Mark Bowden of TruthPlane, is the first of our guest posts to make the list.

3.   The Difference Between A Strategy And A Plan talks about the difference between strategy and planning and why it’s important to understand what these terms mean.

4.   6 Ways A Business Owner Can Influence Culture looks at the ways a business owner can develop a culture which will help increase operating profits and build shareholder value.

5.   Adaptive Strategy – A Way To Profits In The New Normal? looks at an alternative strategy that is built on the 3 R’s (Responsiveness, Resilience, Readiness) required in a changing environment.

6.   3 Times When You May Need To Change Your Strategy explains when a company should review its strategy and what makes that review and any subsequent actions necessary.

7.   6 Things We Can All Learn From Family-Owned Business puts forward 6 simple things business owners can implement to achieve better long-term financial performances.

8.   Strategy, Culture and Leadership deals with how these 3 things affect the development and the execution of strategy.

9.   10 Commandments of Business Development are the basic, common sense principles every business owner can apply to their business development efforts.

10.  How To Keep Control When You Work With Consultants provides steps business owners can take to maintain control when they work with consultants.

If you haven’t seen them before, here’s your opportunity!


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